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Syllabus /Examination /Promotion



  • Besides the Terminal Examinations there are other Tests during the year. Report on conduct, application and progress and attendance are furnished from time to time to the parents /guardians to keep them informed about the performance of their children in school.
  • Pupil absent from the Examination or Test for any reason, is not re examined, and loses the marks. If they are absent without grave reason or previous written permission they will be regarded as having failed.
  • If a pupil does not have 75% of attendance she /he will not allowed to write exam and not be considered for promotion.
  • The Progress Report /Result will be shown only to the parents or guardians after every Term examination; it can be withheld for non-payment of school dues.
  • Failure in or absence from a subject excludes the student from being reckoned for the order of merit.
  • Taking all the term exams is compulsory for promotion.
  • There is no provision for Re- examination or promotion on trial.
  • No examination will be postponed or anticipated for any student.
  • There is no double promotion to any student to any class.
  • For promotion, a student has to obtain clear pass in major subjects. Pass percentage for students Kindergarten: 50%, Class – I and above: 41%. The academic year is divided into two terms. Students are evaluated through formal assessments as well as through their day performance under the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE). Formal assessments are held at the end of the each term.


Academic year is divided into Two Term. There will be two Unit Tests, Half yearly Exam (September), Annual Exam (March). All dates are given in the student hand book / planner.  Four formal assessments are conducted in the academic session:-

  • Unit Test – 1 included the entire syllabus covered till the test date.
  • Half Yearly Examination (HE) is cumulative in nature and includes the entire syllabus of Term -1
  • Unit Test - 2 includes the syllabus covered post term – 1 till the test date.
  • Annual Examination (AE) is cumulative in nature and will be based on selected portion from Term -1 and the entire syllabus of Term – 2

Medium of instruction

English is the primary medium of instruction in our school. However, Hindi is given importance as the local and national official language.

Sports, co-curricular and extracurricular activities

The school believes in Holistic education. Along with academics, it equally emphasizes on activities like speech, Singing, Dancing, Craft, Drawing, Recitation, Fancy Dress, Debates, Essay Writing, Declamation, skit, Sports & Games etc. These activities are conducted throughout the year and the winners are awarded.

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