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School Uniform


Dear Parents,

Students those who are promoted from UKG to Class 1, These are the school uniform pattern to be followed for academic session 2024-2025.

Uniform for Class I to class V

Uniform(Summer) : Grey Half sleeve Shirt, Black with Grey stripes Half Trousers. (Both for Boys and Girls), Tie : Black with grey strip. Socks : Black with grey strip. Shoes: Black lace up with grey strip.

House & PT Uniform for Summers : Light grey hosiery trouser, T-shirt with grey strip on front. House colour lace up shoe. Pattern is shown below.

There are four houses(St. John’s House, St. Peter’s House, St. Paul’s House & St. Joseph’s House).Houses will be allotted for the class I students & new admissions at the earliest.

Note: It is mandatory to follow the above uniform pattern from day one of the academic session. Purchase the uniform from the open market. You may buy the uniform from any vendor/shop, but the prescribed pattern with proper school logo should be adhered. Information regarding winter uniform will be informed after the Half Yearly Exams.

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