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    Shastripuram Campus: +91-9548058481, +91 9997586500

    Sunari Campus: +91-7505351623

School Uniform





White shirt with red check border, Red trouser for the boys and skirt for the girls. Red socks and Black shoes.


Grey pants and white shirt with red check border, Red sweater and red jacket, red socks and black shoes.

Class I and above


Shirt-Half sleeves Grey colour shirt with black and white strip borders for boys and girls.

Trousers-Black with Grey strip trouser for Boys and Girls. Black with white strip tie, socks black with grey strip and Black shoe with Grey strips.

Note-For class 6 & above full length black trouser for Boys and girls. Rest of the uniform will be same as the above.


Grey full sleeve shirts with black and white woolen pants, V neck Red sweater, red blazer with red cap, red socks and black shoes.

< h4 class="summer pl-3">P.T Dress: (Wednesday & Saturday)

House T- shirt, White Trouser/ Skirt and P.T. shoes.

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