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Dear parents, guardians and well-wishers, Education is an abode to carry on the seeds of knowledge and culture that will drive humanity forward. Education should help an individual to form proper perception. Everyone should be able to realize the areas of one’s strengths and possible weaknesses. Understanding others and the society is equally important.

Today, we are going through a challenging phase of our life where we are fighting with positivity against this Covid-19 Pandemic, where we need to face it with Courage and try our best to give ample opportunities for each child to get involved in studies and other co- curricular activities.   The coronavirus has turned our lives upside down with some students returning to remote learning and parents continuing to juggle the home environment. The uncertainty of not knowing if this will happen here next may have an impact on many students and their families. We are now living in the critical golden hour for humanity when intervention stands the best chance of preventing doom. The planet is a common home which humanity as a whole uses as a single family. We need to go beyond nationalism and fanaticism, and strive for diversity and pluralism that preserve dialects, cultures and belief systems.

My thanks to teachers for updating themselves with new learning techniques and their effort in maintaining and improving our students’ readiness to return to a learning atmosphere.  Our students have adapted following new procedures, utilizing their technological knowledge, problem solving skills and so much more.  Nothing is more important than the health and safety of our students, staff and families. We appreciate your flexibility and support. The present shapes the future, one year is so important in the foundation year of one’s education, especially of a toddler and young one. Irrespective of all the uncertainties i adhere you all to nurture your ward’s education whatever way possible, If you like them to have a healthy and happy future. The school is trying our best to suit to the present scenario and engage our students with ample opportunity of education and learning.

Please feel free to contact me to share constructive suggestions and matters of individual concern if any.

I pray and wish that with God at our side, we shall live with hope and confidence that this too shall pass away and look forward to living a life of peace and love to create a healthy society. We entrust our institution and all its members the care of our heavenly patron St. Thomas.

With warm regards,

FR. Roy Dolphus

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